Quick™ (Quick Universal Industrial Control Kard) is based on  chipKIT(tm)  open source platform. The Quick240 is designed for industrial automation systems where traditionally a ladder logic PLC might have been used. Since the Quick240 is an open platform for industrial automation it effectively extends the traditional life of a similarly proprietary.


The Quick240 allows for low cost IO signal conditioning by means of off the shelf or custom PCB in a Kard form factor.  The Kard form factor does not require adding a connectors to the PCB which can be one of the most expensive parts in signal conditioning.

6 Kard-IO Slots with 4 screw down terminals per Kard Slot for a total of 24 IO Connections

1 Kard-COM Slot

1 uSD Slot

1 USB Port for use with USB A or B connectors (cannot not be both host and device at the same time)

1 Ethernet Connector

Can be powered from 5-24VDC (on-board DC-DC converter for low voltage logic)


All documentation for the Quick240 and related Kards is currently documented on the quick240.com wiki

Blink Sketch

Getting Started with the Quick240

Introduction to the Quick240 by examining how to implement a Blink Sketch .

Drive Kard Sketch

A more advanced sketch that demonstrates how to energize the outputs of a Drive Kard.